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CEO Dennis O'Neill


Experience and Expertise

Dennis O'Neill has over 25 years  experience as an Investment Banker. He helped start two of the largest regional Investments banks in Chicago, Madison Securities and Advanced Equities. He was the Managing Director for Softbank Investments/ E2Capital office in Chicago for two years and raised over 2 billion dollars in capital for early stage companies to date. Mr. O'Neill has significant amount of experience and success in Sales, Marketing, Financial Media, Business Development  and Institutional Capital Raises. He has spoken at over 50 Private Equity, Venture Capital and Small Cap conferences.  He is a sought after speaker for Blockchain, STO, Crypto  and BlockChain conferences.


STO Advisors

O'Neill Capital Advisors helps companies conducting STO's/ ICO's access Institutional Capital with a network of over 37k investors consisting of Family Offices, Ultra High Networth Individuals, Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Fund Managers and Crypto Funds, Which we have relationships with allowing the company's project to be taken very seriously by Institutional Investors. Our experience and reputation provides 3rd party credibility and validation for highly sophisticated investors. The network is global with significant strength in Europe, Asia and UAE.


Financial Media

One of the biggest drivers for a successful STO'S/ ICO's is Financial Media, We have a significant amount of Journalists, Writers, Radio and TV shows that we have long term relationships with. Where we can get a significant amount of press for our clients. Such as Forbes, WSJ, Huffington Post,, Several Crypto/ICO websites, CNBC, Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance and many others. cyrptocurrency blockchain ico funding

Value Add Services


Value Add Services

O'Neill Capital Advisors can provide roadshows, full due diligence services, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Introductions to the top people in your industry, STO structure and compliance consulting. 

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What are the Fee's

O'Neill Capital Advisors is a Financial Marketing Company and is not a licensed broker. We charge an upfront fee of cash/bitcoin and company tokens with a flat backend fee once the ICO is closed.  The fee's fluctuate depending on the project.


ImpactPPA; Patented Solar and Wind Technology. Blockchain based technology platform that will transform the global energy marketplace allowing consumers of energy to “Pre-Pay” for electricity from a mobile device. This solution also allows for the unbanked population of the world to gain identity and reputation through transacting on the platform for the most basic of needs – electricity. Completed projects in over 40 countries


Biotricity BTCY is at the leading edge of professional and personal remote medical monitoring
Chronic diseases are growing at an alarming rate as we continue to live longer. This creates an ever expanding burden on our healthcare system as costs continue to rise for ongoing and long-term treatment. One of the single most effective approaches to dealing with such costs is to improve patient engagement by enabling individuals to manage their condition. Unfortunately, there are few tools available that are clinically accurate and tailored to specific chronic conditions that individuals can utilize for disease management. 

DIGIMAX.Global Advisory Board  DigiMax has built a global network of Industry Advisors, Securities Lawyers and Auditors, Registered Broker-Dealers, Registered KYC/AML agents, and Registered Salespeople. This network is capable of assisting companies with a broad range of services that can include all, or part of:
• Preparing a Business Plan to support the raising of capital through an STO
• Developing the appropriate STO structure and “tokenomics” to be competitive among other companies raising capital through STO’s
• Creating a global syndicate of professional, Registered service providers to complete the due-diligence, and sale of tokens through a global network of investors, including where required, Accredited Investors
• Providing long-term post-STO support for both Issuers and Investors (FTO) is a CryptoCurrency that trades on several Exchanges.   FuturoCoin settles faster than Bitcoin less than 4 secs, significantly cheaper to transact, more secure and now deploying 1000's of ATM's so Investors can buy, sell or convert CrytpoCurrency into Fiat instantly. 

P2PS;  P2PS is a pure peer-to-peer platform which safeguards, for example, your medical records, banking information and other sensitive digital assets, during exchange between two parties. The P2PS utility token is designed to be used by members within the P2PS platform. It primarily assists in transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free. No U.S. investors.




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